How to install a virtual machine on Windows 10

How to install a Virtual Machine in Windows 10

  1. When the virtual drive has been created you can now begin installing your operating system. To do this click the Start arrow. In the window that appears (Select start-up disk) click on the folder..
  2. istrative Tools to expand it. Select Hyper-V Quick Create. In the following Create Virtual Machine window, select one of the four listed installers, then select Create Virtual Machine. Do not move on to Step 4
  3. To set up a virtual machine on Windows 10: Open Start. Search for Hyper-V Manager and click the top result. Click on the Action menu. Select New and click on Virtual Switch Manager. On the left pane, select New virtual network switch. On the right, select External. Click the Create Virtual Switch button

Open Start. Search for Command Prompt, left-click the top result and click run as administrator.. Click Yes on the UAC prompt. Type the following command and press Enter : systeminfo.exe. Create a Virtual Machine With Windows 10 Step 1. First of all, in your Windows 10 PC, you need to open the run dialog box by pressing Win+R button, and then there enter optionalfeatures.exe

How to Create a Virtual Machine in Windows 10

How to install Oracle VM Virtual-box 6.0.0 on windows 10. you should download the Virtual-box file you can download the file from google or any other websites. and click on the installation file for installing. after that, it will give an option that is you sure to install if sure YES if no then NO Download and Install Free Virtual Machine Windows 10, 8, 7, ImagesIf like me you run a lot of virtual machines, your going to need to get Windows images to p..

Installing a Virtual Machine in Windows 10 - Microsoft

In this Windows 10 guide, we'll walk you through the steps to install most Linux distributions on virtual machines using Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization feature.. Guide requirements; How to. Right click on the Windows button and select 'Apps and Features'. Select Programs and Features on the right under related settings. Select Turn Windows Features on or off. Select Hyper-V and click OK Download Windows 10 and all the tools you need to build for Universal Windows apps for tablet, phone, PC, Windows IoT, or Xbox on the Universal Windows Platform or Windows applications for the desktop. Get a Windows 10 development environment. Start building Windows applications quickly by using a virtual machine with the latest versions of Windows, the developer tools, SDKs, and samples ready.

How to install a virtual machine on Windows 10 using Hyper

Professional and Enterprise version of Windows 8 and 10—but not Windows 7—include Microsoft's Hyper-V, another integrated virtual machine solution. These solutions can work well, but they don't have the most user-friendly interfaces. RELATED: How to Install KVM and Create Virtual Machines on Ubuntu. Setting Up a Virtual Machine Go to the VirtualBox website, and download the latest version of Oracle's free, open source software. Go through the installation process, and then launch the application. Press the New button,.. Once both the things are installed on your PC, then Right-Click on the Virtualbox.exe file on the desktop and then select Run as Administrator. 4. Create Windows 10 Virtual machine. Now to create a new Windows 10 Virtual machine, Click on the New button icon

Windows 10 is not just a modern desktop operating system, and it also has some great IT Pro and Developer related features build in. One of them is client Hyper-V. This is the same hypervisor which powers virtualization in Windows Server and the Microsoft Azure datacenters. With Hyper-V, you can create virtual machines running on Windows 10, without the need for third-party software Now that you've installed VirtualBox on your Mac, it's time to load up your Windows 10 virtual machine. Open Virtual Box (via the Applications folder or via a Spotlight Search). In VirtualBox, click New. You can name your new operating system whatever you want Setting up a Windows 10 virtual machine in VMware Player. With VMware Player installed and open, you can begin setting up a new virtual machine from an ISO file or bootable CD/DVD by going to the. Boot up in VirtualBox. Select New.Enter a name and location for the virtual machine. Select an XP version and enter the memory amount. Select Create a virtual hard drive now > Dynamically allocated > Next.Choose the virtual hard drive size and select Create.; Choose Start and insert the XP startup disc (or locate the disc image). Press Start to install Windows XP I looked for many ways for installing Hyper in Windows 10 Home and I found no solution anywhere. Thanks for the information. I hope that when you install the Virtual machines they will work the same as in Windows 10 Enterprise) Reply. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Comment. Name Email Website. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Search for: Connect with us.

How to Create a Virtual Machine On Windows 10 Without Any Too

  1. After that, you created the Virtual machine for Windows 10 therefore, you have to edit some essential settings for Windows 10 on VirtualBox to have a perfect installation. Select the created Virtual machine and click Settings on the top menu bar
  2. Installation Ubuntu Linux for testing or learning purpose on Windows 10 can be achieved by simply installing it on a virtual machine.The two popular virtualization software for Windows are Virtualbox from Oracle and VMware's VM Player. Today, this guide will show you how to download and install the Ubuntu on Windows 10 with help virtualization software Virtualbox without deleting any data of.
  3. How to Install Guest Additions in Windows 10. After successfully completing the installation steps, we came to the most important steps for VirtualBox. If you do not install Guest Additions, your Windows 10 virtual machine will not run at full performance and you will not be able to use devices such as USB 3.0
  4. The bottom line is that with virtual machine software, you can use Windows like an application inside Linux. Unlike regular applications, it will consume lots of RAM. But this way, you can use Windows-specific software and programs inside Linux without needing to install Windows fully. Install Windows 10 in VirtualBox on Ubuntu and Linux Min
  5. d

Basically, you install and use Linux like any regular Windows application. When you just want to try Linux for limited use, virtual machines provide the most comfortable option. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to install Linux inside Windows using VirtualBox. Installing Linux inside Windows using VirtualBo Locate the Virtual Machine Platform from the list and enable it. Click OK. Virtual Machine Platform; Windows will search for the required files and then apply the necessary changes. Applying Changes; Finally, you need to restart your PC so that the changes made will be effective. Restart your PC; Virtual Machine Platform is now enabled on Windows 10 The virtual machine will install the ISO's contents much faster than an optical drive can. How to Use Windows 10 as a Virtual Machine. After downloading Windows 10 ISO file and installing VirtualBox or VMware Workstation on computer, you can create a new VM and then install OS in it. How to Install Windows 10 on VirtualBo Start the operating system installation. Once the virtual machine has been configured, the wizard will close and you will be taken back to the VirtualBox main window. Double-click your new machine in the left menu, then do one of the following: If you are installing from a disc, insert it into your computer, click the Host drive drop-down box and click the correct drive letter from the drop. Hyper-V installer and enabler for Windows 10 Home (317 bytes, 12,631 hits) Once downloaded, right-click on the file and select Run as Administrator. This will trigger the installation script. It may take some time to complete the installation

How To Install Windows 10 on VirtualBox

How to download and install Virtualbox on windows -10

Download and Install Virtual Machine Windows 10, 8, 7

10 In the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, select the new virtual machine (ex: Windows 10 build 10166), click/tap on [Optical Drive] under Storage, and click/tap on Choose disk image. (see screenshot below) 11 Browse to and select the Windows 10 ISO file from step 2 above, and click/tap on Open. (see screenshot below Create Windows 10 Virtual Machine 1. Press the Windows key once and type Hyper-V in the Start Menu and you would find the application on top Install VirtualBox on Windows. In this guide, we'll be going over how to set up a Linux virtual machine in VirtualBox. The reason we're focusing on VirtualBox, rather than any other virtualization tool is simple: VirtualBox is easy to use, free, and easy to understand for most users. However, before we get into how to use VirtualBox, it needs to be installed. Follow the step-by-step.

1. Open VMware Workstation on your host computer > click on Power on this virtual machine; 2. Specify Language, Time Zone, and Keyboard when the virtual machine powers on > click Next; 3. Tab Install now to install Windows Server 2016 on virtual machine > Select the right operating system of Windows Server editions you need and click Next In this blog post, I will show you how to install Oracle VirtualBox 6.1.6 on Windows 10 along with Extension Pack. Oracle VirtualBox is a virtualization software that allows you to run multiple Operating system on your host operating system without having the need to dual boot your computer. VirtualBox supports both 32 bit and 64 bit version of the various operating systems currently available Once you have it, use the Disk2vhd tool from Microsoft to create a Windows 10 VM image. Run the tool, select the drive that you have Windows 10 installed on (it's usually the C drive), and select where you want to save it Learn how you can create a virtual machine from your existing Windows 10 installation. Related: Latest Windows 10 Update Problems and How to Fix Them. Converting your Windows 10 to Virtual Machine. First, download VMware vCenter Converter.After clicking the Download link, you'll need to register and create a My VMware account

How to Install Windows Vista in Virtual Machine. After installing VirtualBox on the Windows 10 operating system, install a new machine and then download the Win Vista ISO file from the bottom of the article to your computer. Then, follow the steps to install Microsoft Win Vista machine setup in order. Step 1. Run the Oracle VM VBox program and click the New button below to create a new virtual. Before creating the macOS virtual machine, you need to install the VirtualBox Extension Pack. It includes fixes for USB 3.0 support, mouse and keyboard support, and other useful VirtualBox patches. Download: VirtualBox Extension Pack for Windows (Free) Scroll down, select All supported platforms to download, then double-click to install Windows XP Mode is a free pre-installed virtual machine running on Virtual PC in Windows 7. See the tutorial on our sister site Seven Forums: Windows XP Mode - Install and Setup - Windows 7 Help Forums In this tutorial, I will show how to use Windows XP Mode virtual hard disk to create a virtual machine in Windows 10 using Hyper-V Click the big green start in your Virtualbox window, and when the box above appears, simply select the ISO you downloaded for Windows 10 as the startup disk. When you click the start button now,..

Windows 64-bit. But if you're running a 64-bit version of Windows (and you probably are), you'll need a program that can run DOS in a virtual machine inside Windows. And no, that's nowhere. In 15 steps you will install Virtual Machine, Ubuntu on VM, and Docker inside the VM Ubuntu on Windows 10 In this new window give a name to the system (ex yourname_ubuntu) and choose Type Linu

How to create a Linux virtual machine on Windows 10 using

1. Install VirtualBox. VirtualBox runs on Windows machines, Macs, and Linux machines, so you'll be able to install Windows 10 in just about any platform. Get it from here, download it, and install. Test IE11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy using free Windows 10 virtual machines you download and manage locally Select a download Virtual Machines Select one IE8 on Win7 (x86) IE9 on Win7 (x86) IE10 on Win7 (x86) IE11 on Win7 (x86) IE11 on Win81 (x86) MSEdge on Win10 (x64) Stable 1809 Choose a VM platform: Select on

Beginning with Windows 10 version 1709, the Hyper-V Manager includes an option to create a new virtual machine from a single dialog box. Be sure to check these four settings before you use this. Windows 10 Pro Hyper-V Host VM; Windows 10 Pro Hyper-V Guest VM; Background! As I have progressed through my consulting career, one of the skills I have started to employ is to use Hyper-V to create a VM for each of my projects to avoid having to install a bunch of software directly on my laptop. Lately, I have been using Ubuntu VMs over. VirtualBox is a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware, targeted at server, desktop and embedded use.For a thorough introduction to virtualization and VirtualBox For Windows, you can grab the Windows media installation tool and use it to download an image (.ISO) of the operating system, which you'll then load into VirtualBox. G/O Media may get a.

Now, close the Command Prompt and open VirtualBox on your computer. Select macOS 10.2 Sierra and click on Start after a couple of seconds your Virtual Mac machine will be started. Go ahead and set up your virtual Mac machine. After the set up your Virtual Mac with Mac OS sierra is ready to use. That's it! Now your Mac OS X Virtual Machine is. Enter Windows registration key. Windows installation screen will be displayed. I chose the advanced option of just installing Windows. Wait until Windows installation is finished. References. Main sources: Download VirtualBox for Linux Hosts, by VirtualBox How To Install Windows 10 In VirtualBox in Linux, by Abhishek Prakas

Besides that, there are Chromebook users who want to install Windows 10 for native app support. So if you want to install Windows 10 on a Chromebook then you have come to the right place. In this article, we show you how to run Windows 10 on a Chromebook using a virtual machine. So without any delay, let's get started Another way to install Ansible on Windows 10 is to use a virtualization tool and a Linux virtual box. In this example, we will use Oracle VM VirtualBox to set up an Ubuntu virtual machine and install Ansible. Step 1: Setting Up VirtualBox. 1. Download the VirtualBox installation file. 2. Run the VirtualBox installation file. On the starting screen of the installation wizard, click Next to. So, these were some of the best virtual machine applications that you can download for your Windows 10 system. Among all these, I highly recommend trusted one such as virtual box or VMWare (virtualbox alternative), because I have personally used and loved them for a long time now but I am sure that based on my short research that others are just as good as well. Go ahead with any of them, and.

How to create a virtual machine? First, you need to download and install Virtualbox then follow the steps below to create a virtual machine in Virtualbox. Step 1: Once the downloading and installing is done then double-click to open VirtualBox. VirtualBox. Step 2: After that click on the New which is present at the top right. Click New. Step 3: So, now fill in the blanks. At first Blank Name. This article will show you how to install mac os ( include both mac os high sierra & mojave ) in virtualbox virtual machine. And the host os is window 10. Below is the steps, you can follow it. 1. Prerequisite. First you should install virtualbox, this is very straight forward in windows, you can How To Install MacOS On Virtualbox In Windows 10 Read More

How to use virtual machines to test Windows 10 Insider

Enable Hyper-V on Windows 10 Microsoft Doc

I am using windows 10 operating system and it's a 64 bit machine. So I select 'windows hosts'. After selecting 'windows hosts' this dialogue box will appear. Select the 'Save File' option. After completing the download process, go to the download option of the browser and open the file How to install Windows 10 Technical Preview as a virtual machine. Want to test-drive the new OS with the least amount of hassle? Give it a sandbox to play in

Download a Windows 10 virtual machine - Windows app

To start, click on the giant New button in the upper-left corner of the app. Give your virtual machine a clever name and select Windows 7 as the operating system. Make sure that your choice of OS. The virtual machine will reboot eventually and then you'll need to go through the settings and the rest of the setup process. Soon enough, you'll be right inside of macOS, where you'll be able to start using your mac virtual machine on Windows. Having a virtualbox mac OS is the easiest method of using mac as and when you need it

There are a lot of features that Windows 10 is famous for and here are some of the convincing reasons why you must download Windows 10 on a Virtual machine-like virtual box. Improved Graphical user interface ; Much improved aesthetic textures ; Greatly stable operational capabilities; Cloud enhanced support ; Continuous updates to keep the operation on track; Glorious response to keeping heavy. How to Install Chrome OS in a Virtual Machine. Okay, here's how you install Chrome OS in a virtual machine. Neverware CloudReady currently offers a free Chrome OS virtual machine application image for VMware. Previously, there was also a Chrome OS VirtualBox image, but this is no longer available. 1. Download and Install VMwar How to Install Windows 10 in VirtualBox. Windows 10 is Microsoft's latest entry to the Windows family of operating systems. It features many new ideas and design aspects revitalizing how many people use Windows. With so many new features,..

Start your virtual machine. Select your startup disk (or.ISO file) and click Start. Proceed through the Windows installation process: Choose language to install, time and currency format, and keyboard or input method, then click Next In addition, you can also try out alternative operating systems like Ubuntu by installing it in a virtual machine. Here is some of the best free virtual machine software for Windows 10 that can help you create virtual machines in just a few clicks. VirtualBox. VirtualBox is one of the most popular, free, and open-source virtualization software that makes creating and running virtual machines a. In the search box, type Turn Windows features on or off and click the top result. That opens the Control Panel dialog box shown here. Scroll down to the Hyper-V entry and click to enable the full..

Go to Start > then search for Turn Windows features on or off. Click the link to open the Windows control panel. Next, open the Windows features pop-up menu. Scroll down in that list to locate the Windows Subsystem for Linux option and select the checkbox In the current example VirtualBox is set up on Windows 10. Imagine that you need to evaluate Windows Server 2019 before making a decision - to buy or not to buy. Let's look at how to use VirtualBox for running Windows Server 2019 on a virtual machine. Download the ISO image of Windows Server 2019 installer from the Microsoft's site Installing Windows 10 S to a virtual machine. While there are a number of virtual machine options available, we used the highly popular VirtualBox application from Oracle. Step 1. Download and.

To create a new virtual machine, you need to start VirtualBox. On the host where you installed Oracle VDI and VirtualBox, select the Applications menu on the desktop, then the System Tools menu, and then Oracle VM VirtualBox. Alternatively, you can run the VirtualBox command in a terminal Tap on the Windows-key, type cmd.exe, hold down the Ctrl-key and the Shift-key, and hit the Enter-key to launch an elevated command prompt. Navigate to the VirtualBox folder on the system, e.g. c:\program files\Oracle\VirtualBox using the cd command Tick the Hide Drivers check box and choose the only line there and click Next. This will install the driver so the Windows 10 installer can see the Virtual Disk. Select Drive 0, click the New link and hit Apply and then click the Ok button. This will prepare the partitions ready for Windows. Once that's done, click Next to start the installation process. This process takes around 20 minutes to complete, so please be patient

If you're considering or are in a scenario where you need to license Windows 10 (or previous versions of Windows) in a virtual machine, then this how-to will give you definitive guide on licensing the Windows desktop OS for virtualization. I will cover both the scenarios of accessing Windows locally in a VM and from your data center (server based VM). It might not be everyone's favorite. Installing Hyper-V on Windows 10. Once you have verified the hardware compatibility of your system, you can start the Hyper-V installation. Click on the Windows button, and select Programs and Features (Figure 2).; Figure 2: Selecting Programs and Features As shown in Figure 3, click on Turn Windows features on or off to configure new Windows features Once your virtual machine has been configured, the installation wizard will close and you'll be back at the VirtualBox main window. Double click your new machine on the left (or make sure it's selected and then click Start). To install from an image file (that's what we have), click the folder icon to browse for your file

Create a Virtual Machine with Hyper-V Microsoft Doc

After clicking on connect your browser should open a new tab with a console to your new virtual machine with the Windows 10 installer running. Go ahead and click on Next. When selecting which type of installation you want, select Custom: Install Windows only . The installer will then ask you where to install Windows Free download DiskGenius Free edition and you can follow the tutorial below to convert a physical Windows system (Windows 10/8/7 & Windows Server) into VMware virtual machine. DiskGenius - Freeware to transfer Windows 10/8/7 to SSD or HDD without reinstalling OS and programs

Windows 10. Many developers use virtual machines to test apps running under various hardware and software configurations. Because Windows 10 has already proved itself to be a very popular OS. Windows Server 2016+ with Hyper-V role already installed and working (basic virtual machine support) DDA support on Windows 10 has been blocked by Microsoft and is not supported; A generation 2 virtual machine with a guest operating system installed ; GPU drivers for Windows; Remove-HypervisorChecks.ps1; Enterprise WDK (EWDK) for Windows 10 (~12GB) Read & Write Utility (optional, see below. I had a Windows 98 virtual machine already installed on my Windows XP home computer for playing some of my older games which weren't compatible with more recent OSs, but now I'd like to install one on my Windows 10 computer too. Unfortunately, Microsoft Virtual PC, the program I used on Windows XP to install my Windows 98 virtual machine, doesn't seem to be suitable for Windows 10 (it'll only. After installing VirtualBox, now you will need to create a new virtual machine on Virtualbox. Creating a virtual machine for macOS High Sierra is kind of the same as you create a VM for the Windows Operating system or Linux but with some minor changes. In this post, I'll outline those changes. Follow the steps below to create a new virtual machine for macOS High Sierra using the VMDK file

Click on Devices, mouse over Floppy Device, and click Choose a Virtual Floppy Disk File Navigate to where you downloaded the setup disks and double click on disk one. Close the virtual machine's windows and select Power off the machine Now is the time for installation of the OS in the Virtual Machine you have created in your computer. From the Oracle VM, VirtualBox Manager ensures that Ubuntu is selected and press the Start icon. If the Ubuntu ISO file is not detected by the VM installer, select it by pressing the directory icon next to the drop down option. Press the Install Ubuntu Option and installation will start.

How To Create a Virtual Machine running Windows 10 - YouTub

Dedicated app: virtual COM port driver for Windows 10 . If ports COM & LPT are not shown in the Device Manager of your Windows 10 system, you can install Virtual COM Port Driver and solve this problem once and for all. This software is designed to create an unlimited number of virtual COM port pairs communicating with each other over a virtual null-modem connection Install Docker. To install Docker on Windows, you can't install the regular and new Docker for Windows, because you have Virtual Box installed Presently, VirtualBox runs on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10), DOS/Windows 3.x, Linux (2.4, 2.6, 3.x and 4.x), Solaris and OpenSolaris, OS/2, and OpenBSD. VirtualBox is being actively developed with frequent releases and has an ever growing list of features, supported guest operating systems and platforms it runs on. VirtualBox is.

Setup a Virtual Machine with Windows 10 Hyper-

Download Command for VirtualBox: This is a text file that contains commands you'll need when installing. Create a New Virtual Machine for macOS High Sierra. First of all, you need to create a new virtual machine. Therefore, follow each and every step to use macOS High Sierra on VirtualBox on Windows. Step 1 To enable Virtual Machine Platform on Windows 10 (1903, 1909) open PowerShell as Administrator and run: Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName VirtualMachinePlatform -NoRestart. To ensure all of the relevant bits and pieces fall neatly in to place you should restart your system at this point or you may find that things don't work as intended. Step 3. Set WSL 2 as default. Open. Click on Start Button to launch your virtual machine. Every Time you have to select your machine before launching when you start the application. Step 11. Start the operating system installation. Once the virtual machine has been configured, the wizard will close, and you will be taken back to the Virtual Box main window. Step 12 It is possible to create a virtual machine in Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, but you must activate and install Hyper-V first, which is not as simple as it sounds Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 come with Client Hyper-V so you can run a supported guest operating system inside a Virtual Machine. Hyper-V is Microsoft's native hypervisor for Windows. It was originally developed for Windows Server 2008 and then ported to Windows client OS. It has improved over time and is present in the latest Windows 10 release as well. Today, we will see how to.

Start Windows 10 virtual machine and make sure that its processor supports SLAT now. Then you can install all components of the Hyper-V role and run other virtual machines inside this Windows 10 VM. Then you can install all components of the Hyper-V role and run other virtual machines inside this Windows 10 VM Choose Start→All Programs→Windows Virtual PC and then select Virtual Machines. Double click the new machine. Double click the new machine. Your new virtual machine will open onto your desktop Download VirtualBox package, install and open it up. Step 2: Creating a new virtual machine. Open Virtualbox and choose New. Type the VM`s name, and click Mac OS X for the OS Type. We highly recommend assigning 4 GB of RAM to your new VM; however, you can choose even 2 GB of RAM. Then you will be asked to set up a new hard disk for your VM. It is better to choose VDI type of VM, as well as. Click Action → New → Virtual Machine. A new wizard will pop up that will tell you before you begin page - click Next. Specify the name of your virtual machine along with the location where you want to store it. By default, it stores in your C:\ drive or the drive where your Windows 10 is currently installed. Let's name our virtual.

How to Install Ubuntu Virtual Machine on Windows Technasti

VirtualBox Running Slow On Windows 10; Complete Guide. Virtual machines can be tricky to handle, with virtual computers being popular for hogging up a lot of memory. This happens because you are actually allocating your host system resources to be split across all the operating systems that you install on your computer. One of the first things you should do before optimizing your system for. Learn how to install Windows 10 on your Linux machine using the bundled license key on preassembled systems, and get tips on how to reduce the amount of system resources Windows uses Create a new Virtual Machine for Windows 10. To install Windows 10 in VirtualBox it is necessary to create a virtual machine. Click on the New button. You can also do it with the keyboard shortcut CTRL + N. In the opened window, you have to type the name of a new virtual machine. If you type the name Windows 10, VirtualBox will complete the rest of the fields. However, if it does not detect.

How To Install Windows 10 Technical Preview On Mac UsingHow to download and install Windows 95 in virtual PC(HDDownload the Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926 ISOHow to install Windows 8How to Try Windows 10 for Free for 90 Days | News

Power on the virtual machine. As soon as you log in into Mac OS, you should be prompted with the Virtual machine tools installation window. Just install the tools and restart the machine. This should basically fix every issue with the virtual machine. That's how to install Mac OS Mojave on PC/Windows virtually. If you have any issues, do let. To install Python on your machine go to https://python.org/downloads/. The website should offer you a download button for the latest Python version. Download the executable installer and run it. Check the boxes next to Install launcher for all users (recommended) then click Install Now This will install the apps on your macOS virtual machine installed on Windows 10. Using these simple steps you can use macOS on Windows 10 with the help of a virtual machine. This might hit you with questions like what about the current session? Will you able to resume it from where you left or not? To resume working from where you left you would need to shut down virtual machine in a sequence.

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